Sunday, August 31, 2014

What we know so far

Hello friends and family! We are so grateful for the many of you who are praying for Meredith. Any time an update on her situation is available, I will be posting it here. We certainly don't mind the phone calls and texts, but we thought this would be the easiest way to keep everyone posted on any new info as it becomes available. In fact, Meredith has mentioned how encouraging all of the calls and texts have been, so keep it up! If you'd like her contact info, just leave a comment, and we will get it to you.

Here is what we know right now: the melanoma has metastasized to her lungs. There are three spots on her lungs, the largest of which was biopsied on Wednesday. The other two were too small to biopsy. The report came back that it was cancer on Friday, and Meredith will see her oncologist in LA on Wednesday, Sept 3. They will discuss treatment options at that time; they are assuming all three spots are cancer. Until then, Meredith has requested prayer in two specific areas:

1. Pray that the cancer has not spread anywhere else. The scans from the neck down look good other than her lung spots. She will probably have an MRI soon to check her brain.
2. Pray that they can sell a couple of properties in Alpine, TX. They have two houses currently on the market, and if they could sell at least one of them, they would like to move closer to home while Mere undergoes treatment.

Of course we are praying that God will intervene once again and heal her. I was on the beach this morning feeling a little sick with worry as the news is still so fresh. As I looked out into the water I was reminded of all the life that exists in the deep waters. God is not only the Creator but also the Sustainer of all things. There is nothing that escapes his knowledge or care. I had just been off the phone with Meredith who had asked me to pray that the cancer had not spread to her brain. I hadn't even thought of that as a possibility, and I was feeling heavy with worry again. I felt Him ask, "Can you trust me with her still?" If He is aware of all of the microscopic life forms that man can never even imagine, and if He provides each day for them, how much more does He care for us?

It helps me to remember that He sees the end from the beginning. He's not nervous. He's weaving us all as smaller parts into his larger plan. In our limited understanding, we may never know in this world why things like this happen. I don't think we have to have an answer as to why. I think sometimes God just wants us to remember that HE has all the answers, and He is Good. And that's all that really matters. So can we trust Him with Meredith? I decided that I will.

I'll post an update on Wednesday as soon as I hear from her.


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  2. Praying for Meredith, Vic, and the Horn and Murphy families.

  3. Faithfully praying for you and your family as you have so faithfully prayed for ours. We expect no less than complete victory from our Father through Christ our Lord! Loving you always!

  4. Praying with you for good results and healing...cousin Debbie and family, TX