Monday, September 8, 2014

Brain scan clear!!!

Meredith just got the final report from the radiologist who read her MRI results. Her brain is clear and cancer free!!! We are so grateful for all who prayed and especially grateful to God for such wonderful news!

We had a fantastic service at our church yesterday, and I know all of my family members who were in attendance came away feeling so encouraged. We appreciate all of you who were a part of that. God is strengthening our faith and helping us to trust in Him each day.

Meredith and Vic are on their way home to Mississippi where they will stay for at least 12 weeks while Meredith receives treatment. They will make decisions early this week regarding where she will get treatment, and of course we will continue to keep you updated here. Today we hope you will celebrate with us and take some time to thank the Lord for this wonderful news.