Monday, January 26, 2015

Postponing Treatment

Meredith was scheduled to have her final infusion of Cycle Two today. However, after meeting with  her doctor, he thought it would be best to wait a couple of weeks due to the continued numbness in her toes. She met with a neurologist today who wasn't overly concerned, but because the medicine is still so new, they just don't know how it will affect her nervous system. She will carefully monitor the numbness for the next two weeks to be sure it doesn't spread or worsen. If it stays as is or lessens, the concern level will remain low.

She had more bloodwork today (shocker!) so please continue to pray for her veins as they are being pushed to the limit!! She will undergo some sensory neuro tests  in the next few weeks to rule out different things and see if they can pinpoint the cause of the numbness. The good news is that she will still have her scan next week, so we will find out soon how effective this round of treatment has been!!

Meredith and Vic were able to get on a standby flight out of Boston a few minutes ago, one of the last flights out of there as severe winter weather is setting in up north. They are exhausted but thankful they were able to get a flight this evening as their original flight was canceled due to the weather!!

I know she appreciates all of the calls and texts so much, so thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers. It encourages her to hear from you! Please don't be concerned if you don't hear back from her right away, especially when she is in Boston as these trips are a whirlwind of racing to and from airports and doctor appointments and treatments. The travel alone is so physically exhausting without throwing in the emotional exhaustion on top of that. But she is getting your messages and appreciates them so much!

This is the latest news, and I will post here again when we get scan results next week, probably Tuesday or Wednesday. Praying for more great news!!!

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