Thursday, February 5, 2015

Scan Results

Ok friends, are you guys ready for some great news? 

The radiologist who read Meredith's scans a few minutes ago said he can't see the two smaller tumors. The third and largest one is not much more than a wisp! Please keep in mind that her Dr in Boston reads her scans differently, but this is fantastic news! The radiologist said he wouldn't call it a tumor, that it was much more linear like a scar. We will get official report early next week when Meredith is in Boston.

Thank you as always for your faithful prayers and support! More good news expected next week!


  1. Thank you Lord for this awesome news! Our God is still in control ! Praying for you all!

  2. I'm so happy to hear this good news, Meredith. You needed some, for sure.