Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Update from Boston

More good news from Boston: her doctor has deemed her fit for treatment again! She saw her oncologist (Dr. Sullivan) and the neurologist this trip, and she remains encouraged. The radiologist in Boston read her scans as "no change" from December, which is crazy considering the results she got in Tupelo, but Dr. Sullivan was very pleased with her progress. He said the neurologist is a "very hard grader," but I think he just needs to have his eyes examined. Dr. S thought the scans looked great. I knew I liked that guy.

So back to the good news - Meredith got her final infusion from Cycle 2 yesterday. They plan to continue treatment unless the numbness gets significantly worse. Both Dr. S and the neurologist think the numbness is caused by inflammation of her nerves, and her bloodwork showed high CRP levels, which is an indication of inflammation. The doctors do not think this will cause any permanent damage / numbness. Meredith will keep monitoring it from home and report to Dr. S so they can keep a close watch on it.

Meredith reminded me that this is a marathon, not a sprint! The treatment plan is 24 months but could take longer if there are interruptions due to side effects. This might even be considered a blessing as her body is still responding to the medicine despite the interruption  last month, and the longer she receives the medicine, the longer it is likely to have lasting effects.  We are so thankful for the opportunity for Meredith to be in this treatment program and extremely blessed by the results we are seeing. She will continue bimonthly trips for now, and she will get another scan in 2 months!

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  1. Dear Meredith, just wanted to say that my husband are praying for you and cheering you on. I am a stage 4 melanoma survivor, a Mississippi girl, and a survivor of all the drama and anxiety that it brings with it. I've been kicked off the trial, back on the trial, and watched God literally turn the impossible into possible so keep up the good fight, wear cute shoes and plenty of lipstick. Kimberly Jessop