Thursday, October 22, 2015

One year later

Meredith just finished one year of treatment! When celebrating this milestone with her doctor, he mentioned that the trial sponsors want to extend the treatment for another year. So...possibly another TWO years of traveling and infusions and blood tests and pricks and exhaustion. Initially it felt like a punch in the gut, but gratefulness remains our strongest emotion.

Meredith's white cell count is pretty low, so please pray that number will come back up especially as we enter flu season! This is one side effect of the treatment, but we are praying that she can stay healthy and continue to fight some of the other side effects including exhaustion and insomnia - what a combination!

As always, we are thankful beyond words for your prayers and support. As we celebrated the milestone of "one year later," I never could have imagined how well she would be doing. Watching her play with and dote on her children often makes my eyes fill with tears, remembering the fear of a "14 months to live" diagnosis last year. God is so good and merciful!!

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