Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cycle One Complete!

Meredith has finished Cycle One of treatment! The first four infusions went well, her organ function is still good, and the side effects have been minimal. God is so good! We are now looking to Tuesday, December 9. That is when she will have her next scan to check her prognosis. According to her oncologist, no change is considered positive. If no new tumors have developed, and her existing tumors have not grown, the treatment will be considered a success. Hopefully, we will see tumor shrinkage! Regardless of the scan results, she will continue with Cycle Two later in December.

Please continue to pray with December 9 in mind. We hope to get results same day, but regardless of how long it takes, I will post here as soon as we get news!


  1. Prayers for this precious young couple, their children and families.

  2. Love you and praying! :) God is good.