Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Glory to God in the HIGHEST

and on earth, PEACE.

I'm struggling to type as I'm swimming in a pool of tears. Tears of joy, thanksgiving and ECSTASY. The two small spots that were on Meredith's lungs have disappeared, and the large tumor that was previously 10 mm is now 1-2 mm. Meredith's doctors described the results of her scan by saying the cancer had "melted away." Her doctor is amazed, but I think he is in the minority in that respect. For most people, stage 4 melanoma is a certain death sentence. Today, our God has said, "not for Meredith."

I'm so overwhelmed right now and feel the need to just let this sink in as we praise the Lord and celebrate together. I"m certain that Meredith will want to post here later, but I know so many of you were praying and waiting for news so I at least wanted to post here right away.

THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See the comparison below. The original scan is on the right; the tumor is on the upper left corner. The new scan is on the left!!


  1. THANK YOU LORD!!!! I do not know Meredith personally but get her updates from her cousin, Elizabeth, a dear friend of mine. Have been praying along and today very specifically! God hears and answers prayers, how awesome!!! Rejoicing with all of you!

  2. Thank You Lord for this amazing report on Meredith !!! I know you still work Miracles everyday and I thank You for that !!!

  3. I am so thankful!! Praise the Lord!!!

    Katey Overstreet