Monday, October 6, 2014

Boston update

Meredith was not able to get into a trial in Boston. The doctor there was very kind and spent a lot of time with them going over every treatment option available. He is recommending that she start with an older treatment called Interleukin. It can be a harsh treatment and not a lot of patients respond to it; however, those that do respond seem to respond very strongly. Meredith and Vic are still prayerfully considering treatment options and plan to begin treatment by the end of the month.

The Interleukin treatment has been shown to produce durable remission (nobody will say "cure")in the patients who do respond, so Meredith and Vic pan to discuss this with their doctor at Vanderbilt this week. If he agrees, this is the path they are leaning toward at this point. While it can be harsh during the treatment, it doesn't produce any long term side effects like the yervoy AND it wouldn't exclude her from any trials. So if it doesn't work, she could still be eligible for a PD1 trial.

Please continue to pray as they are nearing a decision regarding treatment. I'll post an update when that decision has been made.

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