Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Meredith and Vic are fighting! Treatment has begun!

We Starkville girls can't help but enjoy the Bulldog fever. A friend gave Meredith a signed Dak Prescott jersey, and she wore it yesterday for her first treatment.

What do Meredith and Dak have in common? I'm calling it right now - they're both going undefeated this season.

Yesterday was a difficult but successful day. The doctors took 25 vials of blood before they even started the medicine, so Meredith's arms are pretty sore. She did get both the nivulomab and the lurulomab yesterday; originally we thought she would just get the PD1 (nivulomab). The best news is that Meredith did not experience any side effects during the infusion!! She's feeling some minor side effects today - a rash across her face and stomach as well as some joint pain in her knees that makes walking uncomfortable but doable. These are both common reactions to this treatment.

The one major side effect that they watch for is inflammation in her organs. This would be asymptomatic, so they will be taking blood to test for that each week. If the doctors see any sign of inflammation in any of her organs, this would postpone or stop the treatment.

There is much to be thankful for this week - finally treatment has begun! There are no signs of serious side effects in the first 24 hours, and Meredith has a wonderful nurse who will be administering the treatments each time. Meredith said she's feeling pretty well today, so we will pray that continues! Also requesting prayer that her blood counts show no sign of organ inflammation and that her body would respond properly to the treatment.

Meredith and Vic are en route from Boston and will return to Boston next Monday for more blood work. Because of the regulations surrounding the clinical trial, all the tests must be done there by the trial doctors. It's difficult to travel every week such a long way just to have blood drawn, but Meredith and Vic are geared up for the fight and will do whatever necessary to beat this thing!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Now we wait to see what God will do.

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  1. Prayers. My dad is on the same trial at mgh. We just got his first scans back and they were awesome, even appeared to help the brain. I hope you get a similar response!!!