Thursday, October 2, 2014

Treatment Update

Meredith and Vic are traveling today to Boston, where they have an appointment tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 central time at Boston Mass General to discuss a few trial options. They have three trials that are going on right now, so once they meet with this doctor, Meredith will be in their system and can possibly get into one of their spots. One of the trials has one spot open (I think it is still open), and this particular trial is their top choice. There are also spots open in the other two trials, but considering the side effects and uncertainty surrounding the drug combinations of those two trials, Meredith and Vic aren't sure if either of those will be the best route for them to take. If they decide to go ahead with one of those trials in Boston, she can start treatment there right away. Please pray for clear direction for Meredith and Vic, especially tomorrow as they discuss options with this doctor in Boston. Hopefully, there will still be one spot left in the trial they want!!

They also still have plans to visit Johns Hopkins and Sloan Kettering later this month. In order to join a clinical trial, you must first be a patient of the hospital where the trial is being conducted. So they have narrowed down their list to a few hospitals with the most promising trials and are trying to get Meredith's name on each hospital registry in the next few weeks.

Meredith and Vic are still struggling with the time constraint of this disease progression, so they have also started the insurance process at Vanderbilt for yervoy treatments. If Meredith isn't able to get into a trial within the next couple of weeks, they have decided to go ahead and start taking yervoy at Vanderbilt.

After the appointment in Boston tomorrow, Meredith and Vic are flying to Texas to participate in the Fear Nothing 5K on Sunday. They travel back to MS early next week, so please keep them in your prayers as they have a lot of traveling to do! I'm wearing my Team Meredith bracelet as I know lots of you are, and you can order them at the 5K link. I'll post it one more time below because someone just text me yesterday asking where to get a bracelet.

Don't forget to email Liz AFTER you finish check out to ask her to mail the bracelet to you.

Thank you as always for your prayers!!


  1. Hi there, Emily! Thank you for the update! Just wanted to let you know Liz gave us an update on the bracelets today - they are no longer available on EventBrite but some will be sent to Mississippi where people can purchase them there. Here are details regarding the bracelets:

  2. Praying for this precious couple and their families!